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Arroyo Grande family creates Kristin Smart chalk art

The family encourages people to donate to the Kristin Smart Scholarship
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Posted at 9:34 AM, Jun 01, 2021

An Arroyo Grande family is using their chalk art competition entry to honor Kristin Smart.

Lauren Lacava, her sister and mother have participated for the last 14 years in various festivals and chose this year to draw Kristin after listening to the podcast “Your Own Backyard."

The family has lived in the area for the last five years and felt the need to contribute to Kristin's legacy.

They asked the public to come out and watch them work on the artwork this weekend.

They live in a gated community and kept the gate open just for the day to let people see the progress.

“We also put out information so that if people want to and they have the means, that they can donate to the scholarship fund in her name, which I think is just a beautiful legacy and one way that something positive can come out of such a tragic story,” Lauren Lacava said.

It took the family four days to create the work of art, which they hoped to finish Monday night.

Kristin Smart was a freshman at Cal Poly when she went missing 25 years ago.

Former student Paul Flores and his father Ruben have been arrested and are facing charges in connection with Kristin’s death.