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As temperatures drop, heating contractor shares tips to avoid issues with your heater

According to Central Coast Heating & Air, units should be replaced after 20 years
Posted at 6:58 PM, Oct 31, 2019

With temperatures cooling down on the Central Coast, heating contractors advise residents to make sure they take the proper steps to avoid a broken heater.

Jason Frost, owner of Central Coast Heating & Air, recommends homeowners change out their filters at least every three months.

“A heating unit does not make up air, it recirculates air, so if not enough air gets across the burners, burners will heat up. If you don’t have enough air blowing across, or getting pulled across your burner, it will heat up, so that’s the major cause of heat exchangers failing," Frost said.

Frost also recommends the complete replacement of a heating unit after 20 years.

According to Frost, one of the most dangerous alternative heating methods for a home is wall heating.

Dixie Brooks says she typically waits until the last minute to turn on her heater.

“Just this morning there was a chill in the air in Paso Robles, so when we got up, we turned on our gas fireplace. That worked out well for today, but I don’t know about tomorrow. We might need more," she said.