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Atascadero boy's wheelchair turned into epic Halloween costume

Posted at 10:51 PM, Oct 31, 2019
Atascadero boy's wheelchair turned into epic Halloween costume

A national organization called Magic Wheelchair helped build a Halloween costume for a local boy.

Keagan Sullivan was presented his magic wheelchair at the Entrada trick-or-treat event in Atascadero.

Keagan's costume was Cyborg, from the show Teen Titan Go, and the costume made for his wheelchair is the car that Cyborg drives.

"It's going to be an amazing night for him, he will be the center of attention for a good reason, not being in the way, we often tend to be in the way in a wheel chair and it's a lot difficult to get around, it's going to be difficult to get around in this, but people are going to notice him and he loves that." say Keagan's mother, Sarah Sullivan.

Keagan's whole family took part in the trick-or-treat event, and they dressed up as the other characters from Teen Titans.

Magic Wheelchair is a non-profit organization that builds epic costumes for kids in wheelchairs to create unforgettable moments for kids across the globe.