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Atascadero Fire introduces new emergency evacuation program for residents

Posted at 7:48 PM, Jan 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-27 22:50:15-05

Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services has a new emergency evacuation program for the city that is designed to help community members and businesses be better prepared for the next evacuation or emergency.

The "Atascadero Know Your Zone" campaign encourages residents to register their addresses to learn their zone.

When community members head to the website they will want to click on the red bar that says "Find your Zone Now" and they will see an interactive map with twenty-six evacuation zones displayed for the city. When the address of the residence or business is entered, the designated zone for that address will be displayed and from there, residents can subscribe to alerts. Fire officials say residents should record their zone numbers and review their zone details before the next emergency.

"The safety of the community is our number one priority and this program, 'Atascadero Know Your Zone,' will help in that effort," said Mayor Heather Moreno.

"Our goal is for every resident to know their property's zone, sign up for emergency alerts, have the information they need when it's needed, and know what actions they should take at the time of an emergency," said Chief Casey Bryson.

This new emergency evacuation program divides the community into zones based on geographical features, population and evacuation needs. This information will be used to identify areas that might need to be evacuated during an emergency.