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Atascadero playground for children with special needs reminds community members to abide by park rules

The park is all-inclusive but does offer unique feature for children with special needs
Posted at 11:11 PM, Dec 05, 2019

Joy Playground in Atascadero is asking for the community's help in upholding the park's rules.

The playground is located next to the Colony Park Community Center at 5599 Traffic Way.

It is an all-inclusive park that has unique features to accommodate children with special needs.

As of late, parents say they have had a couple of issues with community members not obeying the rules.

Recently, a girl with a food allergy was rushed out of the park due to a fig bar being smeared on the inside of one of the slides.

"If she had even touched it, she may have gone into anaphylactic shock, so the parent had to remove her kid from the playground" said Sarah Sullivan, the co-founder of Parents for Joy, a group for parents and families of special needs children.

According to Sullivan, trespassing after the park is closed, bad language and misuse of the special equipment have also become issues.

"It's made for everyone to play nicely together, so seeing it be destroyed is tough" said Geoff Asulen, a member of Parents for Joy.

A safety fence will soon be placed around the playground in the upcoming months.

The playground is expected to see a phase two for a back splash next to its current location. Members of Parents for Joy say they are still welcoming donations to move forward with the project.