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Bread Bike opens store front in San Luis Obispo

Posted at 7:19 AM, Nov 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-15 10:34:49-05

Bread Bike has a self-explanatory business model; bread delivered to your doorstep via bike. But the products’ popularity have grown over the past year past the point of baking a few loaves of bread with a small oven, to baking upwards of 300 daily. Bread Bike is opening a brick and mortar store.

We had 10 people, then 20 people, then 30 people,” said Sam DeNicola, the Central Coast resident who founded and co-owns Bread Bike.

What started as a hobby, delivering bread to friends on his bike, has transformed into a small business for DeNicola.

“When I really think about a couple years ago at my house, I would wake up at 3 or 4, turn the home oven on, and nap a little bit on the couch. Then I would bake. It was kind of crazy, but it was fun,” said DeNicola.

Since then, DeNicola has brought on some local baking experts to help diversify the small business and its doughy products; co-owner Mariah Grady makes specialty pastries like scones and cookies, while co-owner Matt Gamarra is the head of bread: Both have visions aligning with Bread Bike’s.

“The personal growth that has come from it, and that is continuing,” said Grady. “I knew it was going to happen, but I didn’t think that we would have a bakery within a year and a half.”

“It was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Not only can I make awesome bread, I can make awesome bread with awesome people,” said Gamarra.

The process from not having a store front to a full-blown, brick and mortar space to call their own, was a relatively quick one.

“This place was empty maybe five months ago,” said DeNicola.

And now, it’s nearly complete.

“I’m stoked we did because now, we have our own dream space. Now, we can do whatever we want,” said Gamarra.

“It makes me feel proud. I know it’s already really great, but now that we have this space, we have so much more freedom,” said Grady.

“When you’re biking, you get to meet people, but we really haven’t had a space where people could come to us. We’ve always wanted a space. And we can make more bread,” said DeNicola.

More bread for more people in-store, but DeNicola’s made from scratch business idea will remain.

“We still dream of expanding our bike service; biking all over SLO, biking to more people. It’s a really fun way for us to connect with people. It’s also a very fun service,” said DeNicola.

Bread Bike’s mission is to make community and bake all organic, scrumptious products.

“Nourishing as in you can really tell how much care was put into this. I can tell the quality of the ingredients. That feels good,” said Grady.

“It’s one thing to be really good at your craft, but it’s really part of our craft to serve people. Our final destination is someone, a human, out there enjoying it,” said Gamarra.

“We hope the food that we make is both stoking you out because it’s delicious, but also making your body feel really good to give you energy to be happy,” said DeNicola.

Bread Bike is in the midst of a soft opening, but the local baking company will host a grand opening in December. Bread Bike is located at 2060 Suite A. Parker Street in San Luis Obispo. Click herefor Bread Bike’s website.