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“Cabins for Change” temporary housing project opens in Grover Beach

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Posted at 5:37 PM, Jan 04, 2023

The City of Grover Beach has opened temporary emergency housing at 16th Street and Long Branch Avenue in Grover Beach.

This project, known as Cabins for Change, is the first of its kind in South County. It will provide shelter space and other important services for individuals experiencing homelessness.

The City of Grover Beach, the County of San Luis Obispo and the 5Cities Homeless Coalition (5CHC).

5CHC has moved nine clients into the facility so far and is onboarding them into their comprehensive system of care.

All cabins are currently reserved and expected to be fully occupied by January 15.

In August, the County of SLO Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the five-year Countywide Plan to Address Homelessness, which aims to reduce homelessness across the County by 50 percent.

The County has identified six lines of effort to house roughly 2,000 people in five years, including creating affordable and appropriately designed housing and shelter options.

“Local governments and nonprofit agencies like 5CHC are making a coordinated effort to address homelessness in SLO County, and the City is proud to assist in creating the first shelter space in South County,” said Grover Beach Mayor Karen Bright. “We are grateful that this partnership has allowed us to take this significant step towards addressing homelessness in our community.”

The temporary emergency shelter utilizes a non-congregate housing model, allowing individuals to be housed in independent cabins rather than a communal space. This approach provides a more stable living environment and reduces individuals’ exposure to airborne health challenges.

5CHC is managing the 20 cabins at the facility and provides 24/7 support, case management and connections to food services, recovery and housing stabilization guidance.

The individual cabins have beds, heat and electricity. Shared dining, bathroom and shower facilities are provided in a separate unit.

The facility operates 24 hours a day and provides individual adults with a private, safe room to stay in while they utilize the provided resources to take their next steps toward sustainable housing.

Residents can work directly with case managers to increase their employment and find a place to live permanently.

The SLO County Public Health Clinic and Drug and Alcohol Services are located just hundreds of feet away for those that need their services.

This comprehensive system of care is intended to help each individual reach long-term housing stability.

The Cabins for Change program is funded by the CARES Act allocation the County received from the federal government. In addition to this $1.2 million, the County of SLO will also apportion funds received through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) toward the construction and operation of this temporary emergency shelter.

Members of the public who are interested in donating their time, money, talents or supplies to support the new homeless shelter can do so on the 5CHC website or by emailing