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Cal Poly hosts tree planting ceremony to celebrate its unique urban forest

Posted at 6:15 PM, Nov 19, 2019

Cal Poly hosted its annual tree planting ceremony to celebrate the campus' unique urban forest.

Cal poly says they have the largest variety of trees on a university campus in the nation.

Three trees were planted around campus Tuesday.

The university holds its annual arbor day celebration every fall because they say it’s an ideal time of year to plant trees on the Central Coast.

One of the trees they planted was a eucalyptus species that can grow up to a hundred feet and life to 150 years.

“We try and increase the diversity of species on campus by one species a year or maybe more than that, and this year we planted two new species to campus. Every year, part of being a tree campus USA is you have a celebration like this for the trees on your campus,” said Cal Poly professor Matt Ritter.

Cal poly officials say its commitment to trees reaches back to its earliest days.