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Cal Poly President provides more perspective on the university's winter quarter

Posted at 9:54 PM, Dec 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-31 00:54:02-05

Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong provided more information on the university’s updated requirements for the winter quarter during the San Luis Obispo County COVID-19 press conference on Dec. 30.

Armstrong said the school has increased its testing capacity to two times per week, including required testing for students living off-campus. The university has also increased the capacity for those infected with the virus.

Students returning to campus will be required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test within three days of arriving on campus.

Students living both on-campus and off-campus will be required to test for coronavirus twice per week, regardless of their class delivery. However, Armstrong said some exceptions will be made for those living off-campus.

The school will now be testing for the virus with a “new faculty-developed, tested and approved saliva-based molecular PCR program,” Armstrong said. Cal Poly can run 3,800 tests per day. Armstrong said numbers will now be included in the overall County numbers.

“We’ve developed and refined our plans in cooperation and consultation with the County of San Luis Obispo Public Health Department, the CSU Chancellors office, and health and safety experts both on and off-campus,” Armstrong said.

According to Armstrong, the school will have a staggered return of students living on-campus during the first week of the quarter with an all-virtual. About 4,500 students will be living in single rooms. There are 236 beds available for on-campus isolation, this is 56 more than what was available in the fall.

The school will have about 11% of their courses in a face-to-face format. Armstrong said these specific classes are being offered because cannot be delivered virtually and are required for graduation.

Armstrong said students who do not comply with testing requirements will receive several warnings, as well as a loss of key university resources. Ultimately, those who fail to follow isolation or quarantine orders can face potential sanctions, including possible suspension or expulsion from Cal Poly.