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Cal Poly start-up hosts first ever Harvest Fest

Cal Poly start-up hosts first ever Harvest Fest
Posted at 7:14 PM, Sep 19, 2021

Cal Poly start-up company held their first ever Harvest Fest today in San Luis Obispo.

The festival hoped to bring together the local vendors and consumers that utilize Harvestly's online platform. The company was originally created to connect local vendors and farmers with San Luis Obispo County community members through its online delivery services. Products that consumers can buy include fresh produce and organic foods.

Today at Harvest Fest, Harvestly users were able to meet some of the vendors they order from every week and sample some of their favorite products.

The event featured raffles, gift cards, and merchandise, of which all the proceeds went towards farm-based education programs.

Harvestly was created just before the beginning of the pandemic, and many vendors say the company has helped keep their businesses afloat the past few years.

"When we launched our online platform, it was really crucial in allowing a lot of these vendors to survive throughout the pandemic because they didn't have to go to farmer's markets and be at risk," says Walter Lakfy, founder and CEO of Harvestly, "Since starting, we've paid out about $250,000 to local businesses."

More information on the delivery service and upcoming events can be found on the company's website.