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Cal Poly students adapt to new COVID-19 regulations

Posted at 10:45 PM, Jan 04, 2021

Winter quarter started Monday at Cal Poly and many students already had to take their first test.

Instead of multiple-choice, this one came in the form of a swab for COVID-19.

"I am honestly glad the campus made us do this because otherwise, I feel like there would be a lot of COVID-19 cases and it would be a lot more dangerous," Cal Poly student Sophie Watkinson said.

The university is requiring students who come on campus for in-person classes, work or to use campus services to get tested twice per week.

"It was not really a shock and it was honestly comforting to know everyone's getting tested. I feel a lot safer," Cal Poly student Elena Ryan said.

Also included in the testing group are those who live with two or more students. Staff, however, are not required to be tested for the virus unless they come into contact with food.

"I do think they should test staff when they go on campus as much as the students because, at least in my experience with professors, the only in-person classes I've had are welding and now this semester [I have] casting and you are in close proximity to your it would make me more comfortable to get them more tested," Ryan said.

These requirements have been expanded from previous guidance issued by Cal Poly back in November that only required students to get tested once per week.

The university says in a statement:

We believe that robust ongoing testing requirement is a key component to identifying cases of covid-19 early and helping to mitigate the spread of the virus.
As we expand our ongoing testing for winter quarter, we are focused on testing on-campus students at least twice weekly and requiring testing of off-campus resident students to the extent that we are legally capable.

The stakes are quite high for students who do not comply with the new requirements. Students can lose access to in-person campus services like classes, recreation, and dining, as well as lose access to Cal Poly's technology service, which includes their email and virtual classes.