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Cal Poly students put on an egg hunt to uplift the community

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Posted at 9:12 PM, Apr 16, 2023

More than 150 people turned out today in search of more than one thousand eggs.

Positive messages, chocolate, gift cards, and the grand prize of a thousand dollars were placed inside the eggs.

Cal Poly's Mindset Club put on the event to raise awareness and community spirit.

"There's also all positive messages that resonate with our club. And to just for example, like one of the paper said, because they, like, never give up and just like a positive, friendly reminder to our students or just to to the people who are part of the club," said Justin Ho, Mindset President & Founder.

The club was started by freshman, Justin Ho, who also started mindset in high school after noticing his classmates poor mental health during the pandemic. Ho says he asked local sponsors to help out, which is where the gift cards and prize money came from.