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California Cattlemen's Association host dinner for local cattlemen

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Posted at 10:34 PM, Mar 02, 2023

The California Cattlemen’s Association hosted a dinner for local cattlemen in Paso Robles Thursday night.

The dinner allowed the state’s association to inform the local association on what it is trying to do to help and inform them on the state of the cattle industry.

“The state of the industry is looking much better than it has, largely because we have had a lot of rainfall, but secondly, our cattle numbers are down so low now that our prices will go up so that's always a benefit to us where we start to look at calves that will actually make money as opposed to breaking even, so people are happy about that part,” said Steve Arnold, the California Cattlemen’s Association President.

The association also met with Santa Barbara County cattlemen Wednesday and will move on to Monterey County on Friday.