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California is experiencing an abnormally dry winter, but there still could be hope

Nearly 40% of the state remains mostly dry
Central Coast rain
Posted at 8:10 PM, Feb 08, 2020

There hasn't been as much rain this winter as San Luis Obispo County has seen in previous years, but there still could be hope.

Park rangers at Lopez Lake said that despite nearly 40% of California experiencing abnormally dry levels, the lake has not seen a decline in visitors.

“This time of year February we were at least in the twelve inch mark of rain, now this February we’ve only reached about not even I think nine inches," said Coby Whitaker, a park ranger at Lopez Lake.

Whitaker also said there are a few upsides to the lack of rain.

"If the lake was full, we'd be 20 feet under water. It's really helped us get a head start, with the lack of rain, on our weed abatement," added Whitaker.

KSBY Chief Meteorologist Dave Hovde said there's still hope for the weather conditions to turn around.

“Even though looking forward its not great for February, we often have what we call miracle March's around here where if we get two or three significant rain events, events that give us an inch or three —if you’re only three behind and get a couple of those, all of a sudden, you’re at least close," said Hovde.

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