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California Mid-State Fair has enhanced security procedures to make the event safer and more enjoyable

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Posted at 8:37 AM, Jul 22, 2023

For 2023, the California Mid-State Fair has enhanced its security procedures. The fair is now using what's called the Evolve Walk-Through Screening Method.

They primarily look for any weapons or other items that are not typically allowed in the fair.

“It uses AI at each gate,” said Rob Swift, California Mid-State Fair Assistant Chief of Event Staff.

If a person does not have anything of concern on them, they can enter through the gates without being stopped.

“In the past, we’ve had to take wallets, phones, and change out of an individual's pockets and none of that takes place anymore,” Swift said.

The CEO of the California Mid-State Fair, Colleen Bojorquez, says she already sees a difference.

“Our biggest issue last year was we were getting too crowded and trying to get as many people as possible at the same time,” Bojorquez said. “The first day of the fair this year we had [free] carnival rides and Tim McGraw, so we had a big crowd, and it was just so smooth coming in through the gate.”

And all of this could not be done without the event staff helping run the show.

“Any entry points of the fair or exit point of the fair has an event staff individual working,” Swift continued.

They monitor groundwork security and can be found wearing orange shirts.

“They do carnival procedures, help lost children, any type of entry for tickets and the overall wellness of the fairgoers,” Swift said.

Without the event staff, Swift said there would not be a fair.

“The event staff of the California Mid-State Fair are the backbone of what the fair does,” he added.

“Today was super warm and they all showed up and they were working and making sure that we have as safe of an environment as possible,” Bojorquez said.

This year, the Mid-State Fair has around 150-200 event staff members to help run the show.

The 2023 California Mid-State Fair takes place through July 30 at the Paso Robles Event Center.

Tickets for carnival rides, concerts and other special events during the fair can be purchased at