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California Mid-State Fair sparks influx of clientele for local businesses in Paso Robles

Posted at 11:59 PM, Jul 28, 2023

Thousands of people continue to gather at the 77th annual California Mid-State Fair and it has created an influx of clientele for local businesses in the community.

With the music industry’s top performers stopping by the fair, it helps bring more tourism into the area.

Allegretto, a Tuscan resort that has been rated with four diamonds by AAA, believes that the fair brings an increase in revenue for local businesses.

“The Mid State Fair is a very very strong economic boost for the whole entire area. The fair this year is really quite good. We are seeing a lot more business during the middle part of the week, which is terrific,” said Rich Verruni, General Manager of Allegretto. “A lot of the top name performers are there, which draws a lot of people coming from the north and south.”

Many tourists across the nation continue to make their way back to northern San Luis Obispo around this time of the year, not just for the fair, but for the various activities like wine tasting, which is quite popular in the interior valleys.

“We’re getting a lot of repeat customers. Not just our customers that come to Paso because they know us, but the fair of course draws a lot of attention because of the top-line talent,” said Verruni.

Paso Soul Food Grill said they have seen many people from out of the area stopping by their restaurant for a quick bite.

“It’s doing pretty good right now. We have a lot of out-of-towners coming in, a lot of fairgoers, and it’s pretty great that the fair’s here. Every time it comes in, we have a lot more customers,” said Ernest “Dubs” Hall, Paso Soul Food Grill Owner.

Nate’s Chicken is located right across the street from the California Mid State Fair and they say they have seen traffic at their business increase right before the fair opens.

Their business does fluctuate with clientele in the evening since they are one of many vendors participating at the fair.

“Within the last few days, we’ve seen a lot of traffic at our restaurant. The fair kicked off just last week; it’s now ending this Sunday. Our store fluctuates with clients since we do have a booth at the fair,” said Alexis Salvatierra, Nate’s Chicken Employee.