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California’s eviction moratorium extension is providing relief for many Central Coast residents

Posted at 8:38 PM, Jun 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-01 01:22:55-04

California’s eviction moratorium extension is providing relief for many Central Coast residents as programs ramp up to provide help to both landlords and tenants.

"Yesterday, I didn't know where I was going to live. My husband and me were arguing and fighting and I told him, you know, we could make it for the next month but the following month we can't, so we need to give our landlord a 30-day notice," said local renter Marie Davis.

Davis learned about the eviction moratorium extension that was just signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom.

"It's been really frustrating and difficult and trying to stay positive through all of this has been really difficult but hearing that, it gives me relief and peace that we're fine for another month," she said.

Davis and others struggling to make rent payments in California will actually have another three months. The eviction moratorium extension will continue through September 30.

"What's really going to help is the landlord assistance payments because I signed up and I was willing to take 80 percent of what was owed to me and I'd forgive the 20 but I've just been informed that the state has upped it to 100 percent, so that's going to be really good because I just took a huge hit for an entire year and I knew there wasn't anything I could do about it," said landlord Kirk Lindamood.

He has tenants who lost their jobs during the pandemic. He says he was willing to take the hit in rent payments if it meant his tenants had a place to live, but he's relieved that the financial burden will be lifted after over a year.

5Cities Homeless Coalition Executive Director Janna Nichols says extending the eviction moratorium until September will allow the state to make payments in a timely manner.

"It's a timing issue at this point as opposed to whether people would be paid or wouldn't be paid. Whether they're going to get 25 percent or they're only going to get 80 percent. In this case, now we can help people get really 100 percent of their rental relief debt forgiven and landlords can receive 100 percent payment," Nichols said.

"Yesterday was horrible. Yesterday was horrible and I thought I had the letter ready to go and to give my landlord and I don't have to do that anymore and I'm super thankful and I'm excited," Davis said.

The 5Cities Homeless Coalition will help people fill out the rental assistance application online, on the phone, or in-person.