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Cambria recovering after heavy rain caused flooding and prompted evacuations

Posted at 7:41 PM, Mar 12, 2023

Cambria dealt with flooding and road closures during the storm on Friday.

The storm caused the Santa Rosa creek to rise significantly. Evacuation orders were also put in place on Friday but those have since been lifted.

KSBY went to Cambria on Sunday to check in with local residents. We spoke to one person who described the flooding that came with the recent weather.

"You know, we had prior, you know, another atmospheric river come through. So it was concerning to how much rain we would get. Normally this water would flow, you know, down this way. And you could see from the surge that the water just flowing directly out that way. That's when, you know, you have a an epic amount of water flowing. But there's been a history, you know, of a lot of drought. So it's really wonderful to get the amount of water we had," said Joseph Ryan.