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Can you spot the snakes? Cal Poly launches rattlesnake cam

rattlesnake cam.JPG
Posted at 12:36 PM, Aug 26, 2021

Researchers at Cal Poly's Biological Sciences Department have set up what they say is the first livestream of rattlesnakes in the wild.

The live camera is located at a rattlesnake rookery in an undisclosed location on private land on the Central Coast.

A rookery is a large communal nest where expectant mother snakes give birth and take care of their pups.

Biology Professor Emily Taylor says she expects the pups to be born in the next few days and stay with their mothers at the rookery until mid to late September when they'll head out on their own.

The camera will be turned off at the end of September through next spring when the snakes emerge from their winter hibernation.

Cal Poly says the livestream is part of Project RattleCam, a community science project in which the public helps scientists study rattlesnake behavior.

Click here to watch the livestream on YouTube.