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Celebrating women's history month in the Central Coast Wine industry

Waves of change pannel to celebrate women's history month
Posted at 10:43 AM, Mar 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-17 14:36:48-04

The Central Coast is known for world-class wine but this women's history month industry professionals are joining together to highlight the women who push the industry forward.

The Paso Robles-based organization Dream Big Darling is hosting two events to celebrate women’s history month.

They aim to bring not only wine professionals but wine lovers together to reach their goals.

Monday, March 21st the Waves of Change panel will discuss equity diversity and inclusion. Five panelists will share their stories and the changes that are taking place in the wine industry.

One week later they will join together again for a virtual wine tasting and panel discussion with the first female master sommelier in the United States. That event will take place on Monday, March 28th.

Abby Lopez is a logistics professional with G3 Enterprises and is one of the panelists at the waves of change event. She will be sharing her story and hoping to increase understanding within the industry.

"As soon as we start leading with empathy and attempt to understand other people, the rest will follow. It starts with that personal connection with individuals and seeing them for their whole self. We're being given a platform to speak our minds and lead. So I think it's incredible. It all ties together. It's super exciting, time to be on the Central Coast," Lopez said.

Dream Big Darling was founded by Amanda Wittstrom Higgins and aims to mentor women in the wine industry.

"We want to create this culture of inspiration. Giving a hand up, not a handout, and that when you make it to the top, this is how you act. You don't step on people on the way up, you put them on your back and you carry them with you. And that's really important. And I think that if we can create or begin to create that culture, we will have the power to change our industry and we will have the power to change the world," said Higgins.

Information on how to sign up for the events and for more about Dream Big Darling can be found at