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Central Coast Airfest concludes after a weekend of flying

Posted at 7:49 PM, Oct 16, 2022

The Central Coast Airfest wrapped up on Sunday, Oct. 16.

The airshow featured planes from vintage war birds to air force fighter jets and military and aerobatic demos.

Santa Maria resident, Janelle Kemlo, said her favorite part of the Airfest was seeing how close the planes came to the crowds.

"It's been really cool. Not being able to hear anything is probably the best part. It's just like it feels so cool when it shakes your chest," said Kemlo.

Eric Cabrera and his family drove from Oceano to watch the planes take flight.

"The coolest part of the whole air show is just watching everybody do all the stunts, the food, the people, the vendors, seeing all these different airplanes from old airplanes to the newest airplanes. It's pretty cool," Cabrera said.

This was the Cabrera family's first time attending the Airfest, although they said it will not be their last.