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Central Coast families celebrate Mother's Day during pandemic

Posted at 11:45 PM, May 10, 2020

On a day that would typically call for large gatherings, community members are finding different ways to celebrate Mother's Day during the pandemic.

Some Central Coast residents dropped off flowers and gifts to families, other did drive by parades.

For some, gifts that would normally be bought at local small businesses are now being purchased from big box stores like Walmart.

The limited options made for longer lines at those stores which are allowed to stay open.

“Wear a mask, social distance and give yourself plenty of time to get in there,” said Arthur Robert Ludwick Jr., a shopper at Walmart.

Others like Kristal Slikah celebrated with a beach day.

“There’s nothing we can really do, we can’t really go out for dinner or anything so we might as well come out here and spend some time,” said Slikah, a Santa Maria resident.

Silkah added that this year's celebration will unfortunately not include a few special people.

“Usually I would go to my grandparents house, but since they are older, we can’t go over there right now,” said Slikah.

Other places like Trader Joe's in Arroyo Grande said they sold out of flowers Sunday due to the special occasion.