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Central Coast hotels adjust to impacts of stay-at-home order, travel advisory

Posted at 5:40 PM, Dec 15, 2020

Several hotels on the Central Coast report seeing fewer guests than normal with the new stay-at-home order in place, and many are screening guests prior to checking in about their reason for travel.

Some hotels are going as far as having guests sign forms to indicate why they are traveling. Others are asking questions over the phone.

Under the new stay-at-home order, travel is supposed to only be done if deemed "essential."

The Kaleidoscope Inn in Nipomo says they posted a notice on their websiteto ensure guests are aware of the latest changes regarding COVID-19.

"Guests know when they go to book that that’s required and then it’s just a brief phone call. We contact all of our guests when they’re checking in anyway," said Becki Beauchamp, Kaleidoscope Inn innkeeper.

The inn has seen many cancellations following the new order, but owner Kevin Beauchamp says they have not seen significant changes since March.

“It’s hard to tell with the new stay-at-home order how much has been affected because we’re coming into what would normally be our quiet season anyway," Beauchamp said.

With only six rooms total, Beauchamp adds they anticipate seeing more people renting out the entire inn over the holidays in an effort to stay safe.

“I know, for example, we have a family coming up that comes every year that’s going to be a much-reduced group, obviously, and they’re renting out the whole place because they know that they can relax, have it to themselves, and not be interacting with anyone else," Beauchamp said.

Since the stay-at-home order went into effect, Visit SLO CAL reports mass cancellations across the county in each of the lodging segments. Projections suggest the visit economy will not completely recover until 2022 or later, with international travel being the last to recover.

Visit SLO CAL also reports the stay-at-home order has impacted tourism locally. The county remains heavily dependent on the 7.5 million people that visit annually, many during the slow season from November to March.