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Central Coast World War II Veteran celebrates 101st birthday

Posted at 9:06 PM, Jul 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-20 00:08:12-04

A local World War II veteran is celebrating his 101st birthday.

Forrest Frost, or as his friends call him "Frosty," was surprised Sunday when the organization "Welcome Home Military Heroes," alongside his friends and family, held a drive-by honor salute and birthday party for him outside his Grover Beach home.

Frost served at Naval Air Stations and on two separate ships during his time in the Navy.

The veteran says he never expected to live up to 101 years old, even though his mom lived to be 104!

"I just live my life and I had a good life all my life. I can't complain for any specific era, to the good and to the bad," Frosty said.

Frosty says his mother's advice to "just keep breathing" is now his advice on how to live a long life.