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Chorro Creek Road in Morro Bay flooded due to recent rainfall

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Posted at 1:52 AM, Jan 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-16 04:52:13-05

Broken fences, pooling water, mud, and debris line Chorro Creek Road in Morro Bay.

“I was a kid the last time we had a big flood like this,” said Chorro Creek resident, Ernest Pierce.

Pierce was forced to leave his home in the Chorro Creek neighborhood earlier this week due to flooding.

“Yeah it flooded pretty bad here," said Pierce.

Pierce explains Quintana Road was closed while his wife was driving home, obstructing her route and forcing them into a hotel.

“She had to turn around. We ended up getting a hotel in SLO and came home the next day,” said Pierce.

“I was extremely surprised when I drove down this road,” said delivery person, Jason Mikel.

Delivery driver, Jason Mikel, is shocked by the conditions of the roadway.

“It is absolutely havoc over here...there’s about 3 houses back there that the water has gone up over their foundation line,” said Mikel.

Russ Banner is one of those unlucky residents.

“I built walls. I built humps in the garden, the driveway. I’ve got boards I’ve put in. It was all for nothing,” said Morro Bay resident, Russ Banner

Banner says San Bernardo Creek spilled over its banks on the other side of highway one and the water came over the 3-foot-high center divider…making the walls he constructed on his property essentially useless and flooding his home.

“You can see now, I’ve had to tear out all my…we’re in the process of tearing out all the drywall," said Banner.

Banner explains what may seem like a little water caused a lot of damage.

“You can see how deep it did get outside so that’s all the drywall that’s got to come out,” Banner added.

Banner also has multiple animals living on the property including cows, a donkey and a pig. He dug channels to help redirect the flood water.

“They faired okay. We moved them up here where it’s a little drier, but this is where we feed them so they tend to hang around here and get up to their bellies in mud,” said Banner.

Residents say they’ve cleared some of the debris from the road but they’re waiting for the rainy weather to pass before they continue with that effort.