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CHP in Maximum Enforcement Period for holiday weekend

Posted at 9:45 AM, Dec 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-26 12:45:59-05

California Highway Patrol is conducting a maximum enforcement period that began Thursday evening and is now in full effect.

Officers will be on the lookout for several things over the weekend as travel by car was expected to be higher than any other travel method over the holidays.

"My family is all in Chicago, so we decided to play it safe this year and do a virtual Christmas... so because I couldn't be with them, I figured I would do a nice little adventure here," says Miguel Gutierrez.

There may be fewer travelers this year, but CHP is emphasizing safety for those who are on the roads this weekend.

According to San Luis Obispo CHP Officer Miguel Alvarez, "Maximum enforcement is about 80% of our available squad or office personnel, [they] are going to be on the road and that goes from San Luis to every other office in the state in California."

Keeping impaired drivers off the road is also another goal for the enforcement period.

"Throughout the state of California, ride sharing is a big thing. It's so easy to access now a days on our phones. In my opinion, there is no reason to drink and drive. Outside of having family and friends that are available, I would say ride sharing is the next best choice," says Officer Alvarez.

According to CHP, officers removed 160 impaired drivers from California roads within the first six hours of the Christmas Maximum Enforcement Period.

With public safety being the priority, CHP wants travelers to make it to their destinations safely.

"Ultimately slow down, drive safely, if you need to call someone for a ride, do that and just enjoy the holidays," says Officer Alvarez.

The maximum enforcement period will continue through Sunday at 11:59 p.m.