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CHP stresses safe travel ahead of Thanksgiving holiday

Posted at 10:59 PM, Nov 25, 2020

The California Highway Patrol is conducting a Maximum Enforcement Period that began at 6:01 p.m. Wednesday in anticipation of the Thanksgiving holiday.

"Basically what the Maximum Enforcement Period is designed to do is be out there looking for primary collision factor related things that would cause crashes, which often unfortunately result in fatalities, bodily injury, or property damage," Mike Poelking, Public Information Officer for the San Luis Obispo Highway Patrol, said.

The California Highway patrol says there may be fewer people on the roads this Thanksgiving holiday due to the pandemic, however, enforcement efforts are not changing.

“A lot of the things you see are from the norms of traffic collisions, DUI tends to go up, people sitting around and having too much fun at home and trying to drive home or go to another location,” Poelking said.

Distracted driving is another focus, and travelers say roads are already busy.

Coastal traveler, Griffen Kramer, says he already experienced heavy traffic traveling north from Santa Barbara.

"Since I got on the road around 3 o'clock its been pretty much better to bumper it feels like since then, both ways going both northbound and southbound," he said.

Others like Atascadero resident, Rory George, say that staying home will be their plan.

CHP is emphasizing safety this holiday season.

"It is all about just wanting to make sure people are driving safely, sanely, and getting to their destination in one place," Poelking said.

Officers are not just looking for those speeding, but also drivers who may be under the influence or in need of assistance on the roads.

The maximum enforcement period will continue through Sunday night.