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Circus Vargas returning to San Luis Obispo

The tent went up Wednesday
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Posted at 5:01 PM, Jun 21, 2023

The circus is making a stop in San Luis Obispo once again.

The Circus Vargas tent went up at the Madonna Meadows Wednesday in advance of the first show on Friday. The theme this year is “Bonjour Paris!”

"Circus Vargas will be coming to the Madonna Inn for quite some years. I think it's going on almost 15 years right now, so we're super excited to be back. You know, it was our home, too, during the pandemic. We're teaching trapeze lessons at the time, and we feel a real sense of community here. And, you know, we hope we give the best show ever. Bonjour Paris!," said Circus Vargas owner Katya Quiroga.

Circus Vargas calls the two-hour show a “high-energy, action-packed extravaganza” featuring aerialists, acrobats and other performers.

“The acts are dynamic. We have the return of the Globe of Steel three motorcycles in a 16-foot sphere with a woman inside. We have the marvelous dynamic, daring Marinelli brothers on the Wheel of Destiny. We also have the beautiful, sultry Leicester Sisters foot juggling troupe. We have the famous fall TV family. We have, I mean, just clowns galore. Stevie and Jones are back there just cracking everybody up. They're doing their mischief and they're wonderful. Added It's just such a magnificent show is packed full of adventure, packed full of thrills, lots of laughs and most importantly, you get to be taken away," said Ringmaster Johnathan Lee Iverson.

Ticket prices start at $19 and can be purchased online or in person.

Performances are held every day through July 10 except for the Fourth of July.

For tickets or more information, click here.