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Citing fraud, Ravine Waterpark no longer selling tickets online

Tickets can be purchased in person at the waterpark
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Posted at 2:03 PM, Jul 18, 2023

The Ravine Waterpark in Paso Robles is no longer selling tickets online.

The waterpark cites “an exceptionally large amount of fraud” as the reason behind the recent decision.

Tickets can be purchased in-person at the park.

The Ravine on Monday posted a warning on social media about what was described as a Facebook scam where people are being offered free tickets if they follow directions on a specific post.

The waterpark says any tickets obtained this way will not be honored.

Ravine staff on Tuesday told KSBY the fraud issues have been going on for about four weeks, adding that local law enforcement and even a division of the FBI have been notified.

Paso Robles police say they reached out to another waterpark down south and learned they were experiencing a similar issue with tickets.

In one case locally, police say a person discovered their debit card had been fraudulently used to purchase around $1,500 in Ravine tickets. One of the tickets was later presented by someone who received it as part of the Facebook scam, according to police.

Police say they are looking into the issue, but added that with online fraud activity, it can be very difficult to track down the people responsible.