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City of Grover Beach approves rate increases for South County Sanitary Services

The initial rate increase for customers will go into effect on June 15
City of Grover Beach
Posted at 12:33 PM, Jun 15, 2022

The Grover Beach City Council adopted a resolution approving requested rate increases for solid waste collection and disposal services from the city’s waste hauler, South County Sanitary Service (SCSS). The initial rate increase for customers will go into effect on June 15.

Grover Beach Mayor Jeff Lee said, “The City, along with our neighboring South County agencies, commissioned an independent review of the proposed increase to ensure these rate adjustments accurately reflect the services that will be provided and these costs are necessary to implement state and local mandates in the most economical manner possible.”

SCSS is a private company that has been providing solid waste collection and disposal services including recycling services under a Franchise Agreement with the City of Grover Beach since 2008.

The approved rate increase will apply to monthly bills for all residential and business customers. City officials say nearly 90% of the cost increases are due to truck depreciation and required replacements, as well as increased costs for insurance, gas, oil and the implementation of Senate Bill (SB) 1383, the statewide organic waste recycling mandate.

Additional costs include increased labor, ongoing maintenance, waste disposal and other pass-through costs, such as landfill tipping fees set forth by the county and green waste processing costs.

SCSS requested a rate increase of 22.19%. In addition, there will be a 5.12% increase to recover revenue lost due to this rate increase being delayed from May, 1, 2022, to June, 15, 2022.

This recovery component will expire on January, 1, 2023, so the temporary increase of 5.12% will be added to the 22.19% increase for a total increase of 27.32%, effective from June,15, 2022 to December, 31, 2022.

These requested rate increases are similar to requested increases in Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach, and Oceano. Pismo Beach has already approved these increases and Arroyo Grande considered them on June 14.

To learn more about SCSS services and rates for the region, visit SCSS's website.