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City of Grover Beach helping businesses improve outdoor areas

Posted at 10:41 PM, Aug 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-27 02:50:37-04

The City of Grover Beach is helping local businesses improve their outdoor areas.

The city has awarded $75,000 in grant money to eight local businesses.

Some projects are already complete while others are just beginning.

If you’ve driven around Grover Beach recently, you may have noticed brand new outdoor dining areas, signs and landscaping at local businesses.

“You’ll see some really impressive improvements in signage, seating, landscaping and façade improvements,” said Grover Beach City Manager Matthew Bronson.

The city selected eight businesses that can each apply for up to $10,000.

“The extra five, seven, 10 thousand dollars could be the difference,” added Bronson. “It helped them make improvements that they probably have been wanting to make for some time.”

“We put in a lot of money. They matched us $5,000 dollars for this particular project,” said Brooke Town, co-owner of The Spoon Trade, which has a new sign welcoming customers, courtesy of the program.

Across the street, Pono Pacific Kitchen boasts a new awning as well as new signs.

“Financially, opening a brand-new business--there’s a lot that’s involved with that so being able to have the opportunity to have access to that grant, we’re beyond grateful,” said Ashlee Alewine, co-owner of Pono Pacific Kitchen.

The city says that the program has been a success and they are happy to help businesses get back on their feet as we come out of the pandemic.

“They pour their heart and soul into their businesses, and we’re delighted to help them in any way that we can,” said Bronson.

Businesses say they appreciate the city’s support.

“They have been on our side since we opened over seven years ago,” said Town. “During this really challenging time in our community, on our planet, in our country-- their focus has been really special.”

Some projects are already complete, such as an upgraded dining area at Surfside Deli as well as improvements to outdoor seating at Red Bee Coffee.

Others are just beginning. Apogee Brewing will upgrade its outdoor dining area, Station Grill will get new signage and Nan’s Pre-owned Books will make improvements to the outside of the building.

All the grant money has already been allocated but the city might bring back the program in the future.

The $75,000 in funding came from the American Rescue Act.