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City of Lompoc to continue water conservation measures despite many weeks of rain

Posted at 5:07 PM, Mar 28, 2023

Despite the many weeks of rainfall seen across the Central Coast this year, Lompoc city officials say they are not yet cutting back on their water conservation efforts.

Some local residents say it has been decades since they have seen local lakes and rivers filled with water from this year’s ongoing storms.

“It is like night and day. It went from everything being empty and wondering where all the fish are at, to now it is full and flowing,” said Ali Azziz of Orcutt.

“The reservoirs have filled up. Lopez Lake spilled the other day, and I think it has just been wonderful. We still need more because the aquifer is still suffering from years of drought,” added Carolyn Krantz who lives in Santa Maria.

While the rain has indeed improved the historic drought conditions across the state, Steven Valle, former utility conservation coordinator for the City of Lompoc, says now is not the time to ease back on their wastewater restriction measures that have been in place since 1990.

“Conservation is a long-term element of water reliability, so it is not like we get a lot of rainfall today and tomorrow the aquifers are full. There is more to the process,” Valle said.

He says much of Lompoc is reliant on its groundwater supply, adding that limiting water waste at this time is still important.

“The City of Lompoc isn’t planning on making any changes.” Valle added. “Really, what we are focused on is keeping that constant conservation element of our water reliability.”

Last week California Governor Gavin Newsom announced an end to the statewide request for a voluntary 15% reduction of water use by residents.

In spite of this, both Azziz and Krantz say they are still making efforts to conserve.

“For years I have been doing all of my dishes in a dish pan and then I take the dish pan out and I water plants outside. I have been saving my shower warm-up water for flushing the toilet, which you can do. You just take a bucket and pour it into the toilet. And I have done other things to save water,” Krantz explained.

“There is no point in going back to the same thing we were doing and ending up back in the same position we were in before,” Azziz said.

Right now, current water restrictions in Lompoc, including using drinking water to wash outdoor surfaces or allowing water to run off from your property, will remain in place for the time being and are still encouraged by city officials.

You can find a full list of the city’s wastewater restriction guidelines by clicking here: