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City of Santa Maria sets priorities at goal-setting workshop

Posted at 3:46 PM, Feb 14, 2020

Santa Maria city leaders met Friday to discuss goals on ways to meet priorities within city.

The number one topic discussed by the city council as the city's highest priority is financial stability.

Council members say they need to keep their reserve funds well kept. The city revenues come from sales tax, property tax and fees.

Council members say in order to keep up with the growing city need they do not want to have any job losses.

Another big priority discusses was housing. The council recognizes that the state could intervene if the city does not make proper decisions with affordable housing. They say they want to have more housing in the downtown area to meet growth and affordable housing needs.

Other topics discussed were safety for the youth, speeding up the planning and development process, and when the new landfill is estimated to be complete.

This goal setting process is done every two years and is vital to outline what council goals are for the future.