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City of SLO Partners with HouseKeys to make affordable housing easier

Posted at 6:00 PM, Jun 01, 2022

Two events are coming to San Luis Obispo aimed at helping community members better understand the affordable housing ownership or rental process.

Moderate- to low-income community members interested in applying for affordable housing are invited to attend an orientation on June 11 to better understand the application process and talk about rental opportunities.

Housing and real estate industry professionals are invited to attend a workshop on June 10 to better understand the different processes and procedures involved with affordable homeownership.

As the City of San Luis Obispo’s affordable housing programs grow, city officials say oversight and enforcement are also ramping up to ensure that local affordable housing programs comply with State law.

HouseKeys is a company with 29 employees that provides similar below-market-rate administration services to jurisdictions throughout California.

This allows the City’s affordable housing program to scale up without adding staff, officials said.

HouseKeys provides the community with the knowledge, access, and support to successfully pave a road to homeownership or a desired rental opportunity that otherwise may not have been.