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College students, law enforcement prepare for weekend’s Deltopia festivities in Isla Vista

Posted at 7:00 PM, Apr 07, 2023

Beginning Saturday and continuing throughout the rest of the weekend, Isla Vista neighborhoods across from the UC Santa Barbara campus are expected to fill up with thousands of college students taking part in the festivities of Deltopia 2023.

Students told KSBY they spent the entire school year looking forward to the event, but that they are also staying mindful of being a good neighbor to the rest of the community.

“It means everything, really it does. It allows me to really de-stress, and just enjoy myself for one weekend out of the year,” admitted UCSB junior, Ryan Lewis.

“I am just looking forward to seeing what it is like. It is my first time on the West Coast, and it is Santa Barbara, so I am super excited,” added Sophie Kersun, who is visiting Isla Vista from Philadelphia this weekend.

However, in year’s past, Deltopia parties have resulted in numerous citations, traffic hazards and piles of trash left behind by those participating. Those we spoke to add that though they plan to enjoy the weekend, they say being a considerate neighbor is a top priority.

“It is definitely going to be a super fun time, but I definitely feel like people need to just watch out for themselves and make sure there is no harm done to anyone or anything,” said Kersun.

In an attempt to curb the damages of this weekend’s festivities, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office will be closing Isla Vista beaches from Friday to Sunday, as well as prohibiting outdoor music festivals and activities throughout a number of local roadways.

Meanwhile, numerous signs for a community Deltopia cleanup event have also been put up around the area.

“I think it makes Deltopia not something to look forward to when you have to deal with the mess that comes afterwards,” said fourth year UCSB student, Zadie Vance.

“I truly believe that if we don’t clean up after ourselves, we shouldn’t even have the opportunity to have parties at all,” Ryan Lewis told KSBY.

Beginning Saturday morning, you can also anticipate soft closures along all roadways south of Trigo Road and temporary parking restrictions in Goleta that will go in effect Friday evening.

“Just make sure you are conscientious of yourself and other people. Think about how you would want to be perceived a week from then. Just make sure you are careful and being safe,” Vance said.

KSBY reached out to UCSB about the upcoming Deltopia weekend, but they opted not to comment since it is an unsanctioned university event that they are not directly associated with.

Sunday’s Deltopia cleanup event is set for 11 a.m. this Sunday at the Isla Vista Recreation and Parks Department office.

Agents with the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Consumption will also be on patrol as another safety measure in place for the weekend.