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Community members and Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce take part in beach cleanup

Posted at 3:44 PM, May 24, 2020

Community members suited up with gloves and neon yellow T-shirts to pick up trash at Pismo Beach.

At least 60 community members took part in the beach cleanup Sunday morning which was hosted by the Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber said it hopes to host beach cleanups like these every week of summer.

The vice president of the Chamber of Commerce said this event fulfills their mission to help local businesses.

"There's a huge amount of trash that's unfortunately throughout the city especially the beach of course since we're still able to be open and i think this helps everybody in the community including the businesses," said Valerie Merecado, the vice president of Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Merecado said Splash Café offered a free bread bowl of chowder to people who picked up trash.