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Coronavirus patients returning to the U.S. may be relocated to Camp Roberts, officials say

Posted at 1:43 PM, Feb 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-16 23:18:34-05

UPDATE (4:23 p.m.) - San Luis Obispo County health officials say there is no certainty that passengers with coronavirus (COVID-19) from the Diamond Princess cruise ship will be arriving at Camp Roberts.

In a press release, local health officers say they have been advised by state and federal authorities to prepare for the possibility that passengers who test positive for coronavirus, but longer require hospitalization, may be sent to Camp Roberts for the remainder of a two week quarantine.

“We understand that a federal team will provide the staffing, food, and medical care at Camp Roberts,” said County of San Luis Obispo Health Officer Dr. Penny Borenstein in statement. “The County of San Luis Obispo Public Health Department is working to ensure that we protect the health and well-being of San Luis Obispo County residents.”

There are currently no cases of COVID-19 in San Luis Obispo County and risk to residents remains low, according to local authorities.

San Luis Obispo County says they are working closely with federal, state and Monterey County health officials and will update the situation when more information is available.


ORIGINAL STORY (1:43 p.m.) - Monterey County District 3 Supervisor Chris Lopez says there is a "strong possibility" that coronavirus patients returning to the United States from China will be relocated from Travis Air Force Base to Camp Roberts located on the Monterey County and San Luis Obispo County line.

According to a call with Lopez, the Monterey County Office of Emergency Services told him that if patients quarantined at Travis Air Force Base show symptoms of the coronavirus, then they will be transferred to Camp Roberts.

Lopez says he is working with 1st District Supervisor John Peschong to keep the San Luis Obispo County and Monterey County communities updated.

Travis Air Force Base is located about 230 miles north of Camp Roberts.

KSBY has called the Monterey County Office of Emergency Services and Peschong's office for more information. They have not returned our calls.

It is not yet known when the patients returning to the U.S. will arrive at Travis Air Force Base.

This story is developing. Please check back later as more information becomes available.