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Cottage Health reinstates visitor restrictions as COVID-19 cases increase

Posted at 3:50 AM, Jul 08, 2020

To protect hospital staff and the community, Cottage Health will reinstate visitor restrictions beginning Thursday as COVID-19 cases continue to increase.

No hospital visitors will be allowed, except in limited cases such as end-of-life, decision support, birth, and neonatal and pediatric patients.

To maintain hospital safety for ongoing care, Cottage Health officials say they continue to use both public health department recommendations and the current community transmission rate in making these difficult decisions on visitor restrictions.

Currently, Cottage Health is caring for a total of 281 patients across all campuses.

There are 220 acute care patients, of those, 18 patients are on ventilators. 68 ventilators remain available. Twenty-nine of them are in isolation with COVID-19 symptoms; 28 are confirmed COVID-19 positive. Eight of those patients are in critical care.

From June 22 through the 28, 2,955 COVID-19 laboratory tests were collected by Cottage Health. Of those, 139 were positive, 2,813 were negative and 3 are pending.

From June 29 through July 5, 3,658 COVID-19 laboratory tests were collected. Of those, 188 were positive, 2,618 were negative and 852 are pending.