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Cuesta Grade and SB Hwy 101 road repairs scheduled to begin next week

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Posted at 1:31 PM, Jan 18, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-18 22:29:53-05

Residents can expect road construction next week as Caltrans is scheduled to begin repairing the Cuesta Grade pavement. Caltrans will be fixing cracks in the number three lane.

Caltrans officials told KSBY they were aware of the pavement cracking before the storms hit the Central Coast area but that pavement work in the rain is not possible. In order to fix the cracks, Caltrans is doing what’s called a "dig-out" and officials will pave it to prevent future water intrusion.

The crack repairs for the Cuesta Grade number three lane are scheduled to last three days. The number three lane will be closed as Caltrans works to repair the road, but the other two lanes will remain open.

Officials say distressed pavement comes up every so often, so this is not unusual. There’s a base under the asphalt that lays the foundation of the roadbed and sometimes there’s a material failure and it shows up as cracks according to Caltrans.

In addition to the dig-out work, Caltrans is addressing the drains in the area near the Cuesta Grade. Caltrans will also begin work next week to repair the pavement in several sections along southbound Highway 101.

The total cost for all these repairs is $388,000 dollars with Souza Construction according to Caltrans officials.