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Del Rio Ranch commercial resort in Atascadero set to be completed by 2024

Posted at 4:23 PM, Jun 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-28 02:45:44-04

More hotel and shopping options are coming to Atascadero.

Del Rio Ranch in Atascadero, a 26-acre project, was approved by the Atascadero City Council on Tuesday.

It’s set to be a commercial resort and recreation destination with the intention of bringing Central Coast locals and visitors together through food, shopping and resort-like amenities.

“The vision for Del Rio Ranch Resort and Campground community is to really lift up the local economy and bring something into Atascadero that hasn’t been here before,” Cal Coastal Communities President and CEO, Jack Phelan, said.

Situated on the Highway 101 and Del Rio Road, the Del Rio Ranch site is set to have a resort, affordable housing, retail space and cabins for short stays.

There will also be an entertainment center with food and activities including bowling and an arcade.

In addition, the hillside amphitheater can seat more than 300 visitors for large scale events.

There will also be hiking and horse trails to enjoy.

“Originally this was planned to be a Walmart, a big box store and what this project will bring is four times the amount of revenue for the city,” Phelan said.

Cal Coastal Communities described the city of Atascadero as going through a renaissance.

“We believe that the project we’re proposing here is the first of its kind in San Luis Obispo County,” Cal Coastal Communities senior director of development, Ted Lawton, said.

The real estate company said they’ll be offering leases to local businesses below market rate.

“I have received more than hundreds of interests right now so far just in a matter of few months,” Jennifer Kim, Cal Coastal Communities acquisition manager, said.

Developers believe Del Rio Ranch will significantly increase tax revenues and employment for the city.

Local residents said the development of the land has been long-awaited.

“I’m glad they’re going to do something with it. It’s been sitting there forever,” Atascadero resident Dona Blandfort said.

Others say they hope the developers keep the small-town feel of the Central Coast. They hope the businesses at Del Rio ranch are rooted in Atascadero.

“I feel like if the people live here and they’re from here, they’re going to put the community first and that’s very important for me,” Atascadero resident, Seth Colebrook, added.

Cal Coastal Communities said residents can expect the RV site and pop-up shops within the first year.

For now, developers are looking to complete the final project in three years.