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Downed trees reported in northern SLO County during storm

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Posted at 6:27 PM, Oct 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-25 22:58:21-04

Monday's storm triggered flooding and downed trees in northern San Luis Obispo County.

"We felt the house shake and I thought it was an earthquake so we just went back to sleep," said Michele Yoshimoto, who lives near Lake Nacimiento.

Yoshimoto woke up Monday morning to find some damage left behind from the storm.

"When I came through the garage and saw the huge chunk off that tree, I was in shock," Yoshimoto explained.

A branch from a pine tree on her neighbor's property snapped, landing in her front yard.

"There's a hole actually in my garage and some of the water came into the house and then the rest of the limb landed over here onto the truck," she said.

Some drywall was left on her car inside the garage but it was not damaged.

Her husband's truck, buried under the limbs, also appeared to be free of shattered glass or any major damage.

"Just the way everything fell, we feel fortunate to be this unfortunate," Yoshimoto said.

Meanwhile, not far from downtown Paso Robles, a mulberry tree landed on a Toyota Tacoma, bringing power lines down with it.

"For the public, anytime that there's lines that they see that are down or draped across a vehicle or anything, don't move those lines. Call 911. Get ahold of the fire department and we'll come out and access it," said Capt. Paul Patti, Paso Robles Fire and Emergency Services.

Tree service companies stayed busy with the storm sweeping through the area, providing them with plenty of work.

"We get saturated grounds and the high winds, sometimes the trees topple over," said Morgan Scovell, A&T Arborists Manager.

The city also cleaned drains after some streets flooded.

And even though the storm has entailed some clean-up, Yoshimoto is looking at the bright side of things.

"We have been praying for rain because the lake is so low. We've noticed some water, more water in the lakebed which is nice," Yoshimoto concluded.

The tree company says they grind up the trees and use them for mulch.

If you're in need of mulch, they do free drop-offs across San Luis Obispo County. You can give them a call at (805) 431-2581.