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Downtown Atascadero's first rooftop bar, more shopping & dining coming soon

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Posted at 7:06 PM, Mar 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-31 22:31:11-04

If you've driven on El Camino Real through downtown Atascadero lately, you've probably seen construction underway on a couple of buildings not far from city hall.

That's because a rooftop bar, apartments, and more shopping and dining are coming soon.

On Wednesday, workers were busy installing the tile rooftop on one of the two buildings that make up La Plaza.

"It'll feel more like a downtown once this is all done and up and running," said Zoe Zappas of Z Villages Management and Development.

Plans for the three-story mixed-used development started in Fall of 2016 but by this June, the smaller building will be complete followed by the bigger one in October.

"We have 42 residential units on the top two floors," Zappas said. "Four units, four high-end condo units in the smaller building that you see and then there's 38 in the bigger building."

Zappas says the residential units will primarily be for rent with some possibly for sale in the ballpark of $1,250,000.

There will be all kinds of dining and shopping options, too.

"We've already got about a third leased, between leased and LOI, so letters of intent that are out for signatures," Zappas said.

There will be anywhere between 7 and 30 merchants depending on the size of the businesses and Atascadero's first and only rooftop bar.

"La Plaza is really going to bring an upscale vibrancy to our downtown," said Mayor Heather Moreno.

Mayor Moreno says another important aspect is the Downtown Atascadero Infrastructure Enhancement Plan.

"Council has passed a plan for our downtown to slow down traffic, to add parking, and really create what we call placemaking; a place people want to come to rather than drive through," she explained.

While the city is still working on funding options for the plan, traffic along part of El Camino Real will eventually be reduced to one lane in the north and southbound directions as well.

The city is building a community plaza downtown, too.

Zappas adds that there will be 84 on-site parking spaces for La Plaza.

The ultimate goal is to enhance the downtown experience for locals and visitors alike.

"Ultimately, what we hope for Atascadero and what we're bringing with this building is community. Just a gathering place for our community members," Zappas said.

The management and development company says it plans to announce the tenants within the next couple of weeks. They're also looking for more tenants.