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Dozens of teens meet with employers at youth job fair in Santa Maria

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Posted at 6:50 PM, Apr 13, 2023

On Thursday dozens of teens had a chance to meet with local employers and learn about potential jobs in Santa Maria.

Many vendors and employers were at the job fair to help set teens up for successful futures.

Local organizations showed their support by setting up booths to talk to teens about job opportunities within the community.

Mickayla McFarland, from Santa Maria, feels like it’s hard to get a job as a teen.

“Sometimes kids have trouble getting jobs especially if they’re 16 or 17,” McFarland said.

Fellow student Julia Marinello, agrees and appreciates what the job fair offers.

“I feel like it's super helpful because at our age it is hard to find a job and people that kind of take us a little bit seriously so it is kind of cool that they gave us opportunities like this,” Marinello said.

The city of Santa Maria and the Mayor’s Task Force hosted their first teen job fair since COVID-19.

“We hope that the Santa Maria employers get them set up with the experience they will need for their future,” David Rodriguez, Coordinator for the Mayor’s task safety said.

“I'm hoping to empower Santa Maria youth. I feel like there's untapped potential in someone who has time between their senior year in high school and their freshman year of college,” Lyiam Galo, program director for the Northern Santa Barbara County Way said.

So far the job fair has positively impacted teens, allowing teens to feel more confident

Business and community organizations participating in this event hope to provide teens with a safe place to learn and work.