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Dozens rally for transgender rights in Downtown San Luis Obispo

Posted at 9:27 PM, Apr 07, 2023

Dozens of people rallied in Downtown San Luis Obispo to show their support for the local transgender community.

People who came out to Friday night’s rally in front of the San Luis Obispo County Courthouse expressed concern about a growing number of laws across the country that they say are targeting transgender people.

“We’re all here for them, we love them,” said Kiku Severson, who attended the rally. “Nobody is free until we all are so, I think that it’s just important to show up even if you’re not a part of that community.”

Allies as well as members of the gay and lesbian community attended the rally for trans rights, which was hosted by the Gala Pride and Diversity Center.

“Our trans family is under attack from all corners. We’ve seen over 450 pieces of legislation nationwide—most it aimed at stripping back or outright denying rights,” said Gala Pride and Diversity Center Executive Director Dusty Colyer-Worth.

Advocates say their goal is to make sure that transgender people can live their lives how they want without interference.

“As trans people, we’ve struggled to be our authentic selves. We’ve had to come out, we’ve had to deal with hostile parents, children, and bosses. We simply want to be treated like everyone else,” said Jamie Woolf, who is a trans woman who was born in Utah. She says she ended up in the right place by finding an accepting community on the Central Coast.

“People sometimes say well if only we lived in San Francisco or LA, there’s a bigger community and that’s true-- but I came from Utah. This community has totally embraced me and I feel really loved here,” said Woolf.

Local drag queens were also at Friday night’s rally. They add they don’t feel that their rights are being threatened in California but will remain vigilant.

“I don’t believe that we have any concerns here locally because if we did, I would be ready to fight for them,” said Nala Diamond. “I believe that this is a stance for solidarity for all of our trans brothers and sisters, all of our drag brothers and sisters.”