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Earth Day celebration held Satuday at Laguna Lake

Posted at 8:48 PM, Apr 22, 2023

Many people filled the park and Laguna Lake area Saturday to celebrate and learn all about what it means to be alive.

San Luis Obispo has been consistently hosting Earth Day events for just over 25 years.

Director of Earth Day Alliance, Sandra Marshall, says Earth Day is one of the most important days for her and one of the ways she likes to raise awareness is by hosting the annual Earth Day event.

“Our mission is to educate people and then empower them…they need to learn the facts and how we do that is by putting on Earth Day, Marshall said.”

Several organizations took part in the Earth Day Fair.

Sany Simon with Citizens’ Climate Lobby, says she is eager to get more people involved. She says her organizations’ main goal is to keep the public educated.

“We educate the public about how to lower CO2 emissions by pricing carbon, electrifying everything and planting trees,” Simon said.

Jim Miers with the SurfRider Foundation says their organization is the largest volunteer network for preservation of the ocean and coastlines in the world.

“We are heavily involved in advocacy…this county is one of the last best places to preserve the coastline,” Miers said.

Lucas Bronstein, is involved with the Zero Waste Club at Cal Poly University and his goal is to advocate for change.

“It's remarkably simple..just two or three product swaps …trying to refuse meat…telling someone no thanks to the bag, it’s just five seconds out of your day,” Bronstein said.

There were a wide variety of things for people to enjoy.

Aside from education, live music and fresh produce were only a few things that took place at this year's Earth Day event.