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Electric fences installed to protect goats grazing on Pismo Preserves

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Posted at 2:27 PM, Apr 20, 2023

Officials are reminding hikers to pay attention to signage near the electric fences in Pismo Preserves.

High Road near the parking area is lined with electric fences while goats are grazing on vegetation to help prevent wildfires.

"(It is) very important to know that the goats are contained by an electric fence," Kaila Detmann, San Luis Obispo County Land Conservancy Executive Director said. "And that is partly to keep them where we want them to graze, but also to protect them from predators, especially at nighttime."

Recently, a hiker's dog was reported shocked by the fence.

Detmann said the fence would not harm anyone but it would "definitely give a jolt".

The goats will be grazing in the area for 10 days. The fence will be removed when the goats are done grazing.

Detman also adds hikers may soon see a herd of cattle on the south end of the Preserves.

The cattle will be grazing on the Preserves for a few months to prevent wildfires from occurring in the Pismo Heights area.