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Fire factor rating now listed on

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Posted at 6:01 AM, Jun 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-14 09:01:16-04

As the wildfire risk is increasing across the country, so is interest from home buyers in the risk level of a new property. is now adding the fire factor rating to each listing, not just in California, but nationwide.

Realtor.Com uses information from first street foundation to assess the risk level using their wildfire model.

"It's another factor for them to consider. Just the same as you know is it a corner lot, what's important to them, does it have a big backyard? Does it have a swimming pool? It's just more information for them to make a better-educated decision," said Donelle DuFault, RE/MAX Success Realtor.

Realtor Hal Sweasey says San Luis Obispo County does not have any high fire zones, but he says if an insurance estimate comes back too high some buyers will back out of the sale. Having access to this information in advance could simplify the process of buying a new home.

"Yeah it's just something that can be found anywhere, but now it's a little more public than just the reports you get when you're buying and selling a house," said Hal Sweasey, Keller Williams Real Estate Team Sweasey President.

DuFault says this readily available information will help consumers make a more informed decision when buying a home, especially if it's in a high fire risk area.

"When they're buying in a more rural area, you know that backs up to the hills, that is a concern because you just want to know what the cost of insurance is," said DuFault.

"So there's many times when people find out that their insurance rates are much higher because of that fire hazard and the mapping they have on there," said Sweasey.

San Luis Obispo is a place people who have lost their homes to wildfires have moved to, in search of a safer area.

"...being very aware of it when they come here some people really check into it, versus those that live here, we really haven't had to deal with it very much," said Sweasey.