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UPDATE: At least three injured during unsanctioned Isla Vista beach party

Posted at 6:07 PM, Apr 02, 2022

UPDATE (Sunday 7:45 P.M.): Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office released preliminary statistics for the Deltopia event taking place in Isla Vista.

According to the agency, on Saturday April 2, 2022, three people were arrested and 20 citations were issued. An additional three people were arrested on Friday April 1, 2022.

UPDATE (8:30 P.M.): Santa Barbara County Fire confirmed at least three people suffered significant injuries associated with falls during the unsanctioned beach party, also known as Deltopia.

The agency ran around 35 calls for emergency in Isla Vista throughout the day, which is why the multi casualty incident order was declared earlier in the afternoon.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office will update numbers on arrests made on Sunday.

UPDATE (7:45 P.M.): At 5:48 P.M. Santa Barbara County Fire declared Deltopia a multi casualty incident to allow for local hospitals and first responders to triage and transport patients quickly.

Santa Barbara County Fire has now rescinded the multi casualty incident order saying the number of calls for medical emergencies has "dropped to reasonable levels."

Santa Barbara County Fire officials are reporting a multi-casualty incident in Isla Vista.

Fire officials say they are responding to multiple medical emergencies including severe traumas.

These incidents are associated with heavy crowds during an unsanctioned beach party, also known as Deltopia.

Fire officials say many balconies in the area are overcrowded.

Deltopia takes place from Friday through Sunday.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies are out patrolling during the event. On Friday deputies say they had three arrests, 20 citations, seven reports and one traffic collision. On Saturday, deputies say they were much busier as they became inundated with medical calls for service in and shifted to a triage system for medical emergencies at 3:30pm.

Fire officials say that by declaring an MCI, first responders and the hospitals are able to triage and transport multiple pt’s to different hospitals more efficiently. Will update if more info becomes available.