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Firefly rocket reaches orbit after launch from Vandenberg SFB

Firefly rocket.jpg
Posted at 12:39 AM, Oct 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-02 23:17:46-04

A Firefly rocket lifted off from Vandenberg Space Force Base early Saturday morning.

The Alpha rocket was originally set to launch Sept. 11 but was scrubbed due to a drop in the rocket’s helium pressure.

Multiple other attempts did not happen, but Saturday morning, shortly after midnight and minutes after liftoff, Firefly announced the rocket had reached orbit.

It’s the aerospace company’s second launch ever from Vandenberg.

Last September, Firefly’s first rocket exploded shortly after takeoff, scattering debris across parts of the Central Coast.

The company reported the rocket had experienced an anomaly during the first stage ascent.

For the latest launch, people in the Lompoc area were only able to hear it as foggy conditions prevented the rocket from being seen.