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Food trucks facing same rising costs as traditional restaurants with the addition of gas prices

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Posted at 7:00 PM, Jul 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-30 23:51:14-04

Traditional restaurants have raised menu prices due to an increase in the cost of just about everything, but food trucks are facing the same rising costs with the addition of gas prices.

Food truck owners say they're doing their best to make ends meet, which means raising prices on the menu.

"Our customers have been responding pretty well with the changes because they do understand that the economy is changing as well," Rosy Rodriguez, Food Truck Co-Owner.

Though supportive, customers have had to cut back on their spending.

"There's been a slight decrease in people coming out to eat," said Rodriguez.

That decrease in customer traffic has led to deceasing profits for many food truck owners.

"Our profit did change, it did lower a little bit, just because we're not selling as much just because everything has gotten so expensive," said Angel Guatemale, Food Truck Owner.

Those who rely on their food truck as a main source of income are feeling the financial strain.

"We're still able to keep afloat, and hopefully we will continue to make a little bit of progress even though times are tough right now," said Guatemale.

Food truck customers in Pismo Beach have also noticed the price increase.

"I normally come here, we were just here three months ago, and yes the price has increased," said visitor Charlene Jaurique.

Visitor Charlene Jaurique says her order totaled $13 more than it was just three months ago.

"I wanna say the last time the same order we normally do I think it was $25, I did the same order today and it came out to $38 something," said Jaurique.

Visitors have noticed the increase in the price of gas and food and say it's not going to keep them from traveling and eating at restaurants, but they will probably do so less frequently.

"We can't just like keep spending money on gas and gas and that's why we can't really like go places anymore," said Rachel Ramirez.

Customers tell me even though prices have increased they still plan on coming back just not as often as they did before.